5 Habits of Confident Women
(that YOU can do too!)

So, you want to be THAT woman?

You know, the one who can walk into a room without hesitation or a hint of insecurity?

And the way she holds herself,

the way she moves,

the way she talks.

You wonder, “How can I get some of that?”

 You’ve tried to find that magic method, book, or pill, but no such thing.

And what about the new outfit or bag or hair style? Nope.

You wish someone would just tell you the secret that removes the self-doubt, negative chatter in your head, and paralyzing fear.  A secret that fills you with the empowering confidence you’ve always wanted to have.

Well, what if I told you that confidence is NOT something some women are born with and others are not?  

Here’s the truth about confidence . . . every woman is capable of being and feeling confident! It’s developed through skills anyone can learn.  There are certain things that confident women do that not only creates their confidence but helps them live it every day.

It’s not a secret or a magical scheme but habits that make the difference. Habits that can be developed by applying proven techniques to literally makeover your brain to become more confident.


I’ll share 5 Habits Confident Women do
that YOU can do too!

No need to tell me more. I’m ready!

No need to tell me more. I’m ready!

What does the Confidence Makeover include?

  • Five Daily Confidence Habits – Over the next five days you’ll receive an email with a mini-lesson sharing one of the confidence habits.
  • Daily Worksheets – In the email you’ll also receive a daily worksheet with exercises and challenges to help you apply the habits right away and experience results.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group – Invitation to membership in a private Facebook Group where Deborah will teach additional lessons, answer your questions, and support you through the course.  You’ll also be able to connect with other women who are doing the Makeover too!

A lot can happen in 5 days!

These daily lessons and exercises will help you replace your insecurity and self-doubt habits with habits that will take you to a new level of confidence. On your way to becoming THAT woman!

YES!!! I want a Confidence Makevover!

5 Habits Confident Women do
that YOU can do too!

What do I know about confidence?

Well, years ago I was one of those women who had mastered the “fake it, ‘till you make it” in a dysfunctional way. Even though I looked like I had it all together on the outside, on the inside I was a hot mess struggling with low self-esteem and living in a constant state of fear. In other words, no real confidence.

Then I discovered psychology-based cognitive work that turned my mind and my life around. I’ve been able to consciously create authentic confidence on the inside that is reflected on the outside through my appearance, actions, and results.

Now I get to teach and coach women
around the world to do the same!

It’s your turn!

Start the process to take yourself to a new level of confidence!
The confidence you’ve wanted for so long!



I’m in!

YES!!! I want a Confidence Makevover!

5 Habits Confident Women do
that YOU can do too!