Hello! I am Lorna Souther and I welcome you to Find Life Joy. It is my goal to help my “dream clients”    like you! ~ fulfill your dreams and find a life of joy. 

There is so much we drag ourselves down with, whether it is disappointment, regret, guilt, or blame. But there is a time when it becomes clear that things need to change. If you are feeling regrets in your life that are blocking you from moving forward, I present a new path.

I am a trained life coach and mentor and certified to train Jack Canfield’s Success Principles as he teaches in his bestseller, “The Success Principles – How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” Over the years I have been mentored by excellent life examples and trainers.

The Success Principles are simple, but essential, in eliminating self-limiting beliefs that become blocks in achieving your goals. These life lessons are enlightening and the personal growth and rewards are exhilarating! My coaching guides you as you identify what you want. From there I help you in goal setting and learning how to visualize your goals as accomplished. That is when you discover the power within you to create the life that fulfills your dreams.

This is the time for you to take action and discover your path to a life of joy.

Lorna Souther

Lorna Souther

Certified Life Coach, Mentor and Certified Trainer in the Jack Canfield Success Principles.